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FAQs for Candidates

What is the cost for me as a candidate?

There is no cost to you ever. 

No. Only companies that are registered with Akin will be able to see your profile. If your current employer is registered with Akin, they will be automatically blocked from viewing up your profile. 

No, the employers can only see you.

No, if you receive an interview request, it is your choice whether or not to accept. The company and position is available to you immediately to enable you to decide to engage further or decline the opportunity.

For as long as you would like, if you would like to completely remove yourself, you can email us at remove@akin.co.za

You will be assigned a talent manager who will assist in sharpening your profile, advise on your next move, provide employer insights and be by your side until your first day of your new job. 

Sign up with us and create a profile, once it is complete and submitted, Akin will review your application with our clients requirements in mind and approve or decline. 

FAQs for Employers

How many people in my organisation can use Akin

It is unlimited, they will need to be loaded as a user and that’s it. 

We guarantee 90 days and a full refund.

No, once you are a registered organisation our terms and conditions apply.

Fill out the form with your company details and we will contact you to have a personal conversation about our value proposition and process. Once you are an Akin partner, we will create an account for you. 

Still unsure?

Still unsure?

We would love for you to reach out to us.